How “Meegan Rubin” became Meek Mill’s Billionaire Bestie?


Joel Embiid is fighting Meegan Rubin for Joel’s iPhone. They discuss a particular picture that Embiid uses for his home screen. A billionaire businessman and a millionaire NBA All-Star are having a lot of fun, just like 13-year-olds. We are flying in a five-seat AW139 Agusta helicopter. It picked us up at Rubin’s Conshohocken office. We fly to Foxborough in Massachusetts, where Rubin and two of his business associates will be invited by Robert Kraft (the Patriots’ owner) for a preseason game against the Eagles. Embiid loves football, but he was more interested to spend the night with Kraft, who is the NFL’s most influential man, and Rubin, who are both his bosses as well as his friend. Embiid wore gray sweatpants and a white hoodie with Saint Laurent suede sneakers. This outfit costs more than my monthly rent. Rubin wears Nikes in a charcoal shirt and designer jeans.

Meegan Rubin seen a Dramatic Change

Robert Rihmeek Williams, a.k.a. Rubin has seen a dramatic change in his public image and personal life. Meek Mill, a North Philly rapper. Meegan rubin was mobilized when Mill was sentenced to prison last November. Jay-Z and Rubin launched the Free Meek campaign, which took aim at not only the judge who dealt with Mill’s case, but also the criminal justice systems. This luxury helicopter was the one Trinket Dish that flew Mill to Chester jail, and then to an April Sixers playoff match.

Tonight, the activist/entrepreneur/ billionaire is focused on the fun stuff, like breaking Embiid’s stones constantly. Rubin, despite his constant joking, is always thinking about business. He is a champion for the cause he believes in. It’s an incredible story of his rise from business prodigy to sports mogul and Sixers owner. Meek Mill was sent to prison. Meegan Rubin was freed and started a new chapter in his life.

MEEGAN RUBIN, PAL HEARD MEEK MILL TALK TO MEEGAN RUBIN. Rubin would fly to Chester, land his helicopter in Chester’s backyard and then free Mill. Rubin was determined to fulfill Mill’s wish on April 24, when Mill was released. It was the late afternoon and Mill had just completed a playoff match against Miami Heat. There wasn’t any place to land at the prison. Rubin reached out and asked Harris, the owner at Harrah’s Casino, permission to land there. Rubin said, “We pick him and we go to Harrah’s Casino. We have multiple news helicopters following.” He is dressed in jail and hugged everyone. He then takes a shower and gets out to ring the bell. This is a brand new Sixers ritual. It was insane.

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