Stylish ways to decorate with “Trinket Dish”


You’ll love these fun

Trinket dishes can be more than just a way to save space. You can make them look great and you can use them for many trinket dish other purposes. These little cuties, beauties and thrifty finds are great for decorating any room, from the craft room to your kitchen. You can decorate the tops and sides of desks, tables, and counters with your favorite trinket dishes.

1. Trinket Dish Office Supplies

You can use small organizers such as tin foil dishes in all sizes to store your office supplies. You can store rubber bands, paper clips and erasers Weller Racing on these plates or bowls. You can find fun pieces at your local thrift store, or you can buy a set to match the rest of your space. This is a great way to look stylish and neat at the same time.

2. Candy

You can also store candy in them. Place your favorite candy in a small bowl or trinket dish, and place it in the living area next to the couch. Or leave one in the foyer with mints for guests to grab on their way out or in.

3. Soaps Trinket Dish

You can use trinket dishes as soap holders in your bathroom. This is a stylish and elegant way to display soaps in your bathroom. It also serves as a practical way to use the space. You can also find soaps that match the bathroom theme so your guests will enjoy them, too. Make sure you have a wonderful hand soap on top.

4. Change.

We all have loose change, and need to find a way of keeping it together. These little bits are great for this purpose. You can place a trinket dish on the counter, on top a dresser, or on top a desk and begin collecting loose change. It’s adorable, easy to find for the delivery man and it keeps everything tidy!

5. Jewellery

I love the idea of finding beautiful, vintage pieces that can hold your everyday jewelry. Keep your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings in their place. These are great for displaying antique ornate pieces or brooches.

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