How to Make Butterfly Knife Tricks


A butterfly knife, also known as balisong, can be used to make specialized knives that are illegal in some parts of America.

Two handles allow you to conceal and close the Balisong pocket knife.

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These knives were designed to conceal the fact that the user was carrying a weapon and allow the user to instantly arm themselves.

These butterfly knife tricks are also known as “flipping”, or “fanning”, and are often only used for entertainment.

Many people find performing Butterfly Knife trick is a relaxing experience. These tricks require a lot of practice and dexterity.

All balisong and Butterfly Knife tricks are very easy to do — that is their beauty. Balisongs are dangerous weapons, and Butterfly Knife tricks can prove very dangerous. When learning Butterfly Knife tricks you need to take the time to understand each step.

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Get to know the Butterfly Knife

    • Steel-toed boots are best for beginners. They will protect your feet from any nerves or slippages. It can happen to anyone. Be safe.
    • You can also place a piece of electrical tape on the blade’s sharp edge to provide additional security.
    • You will see the lock on one side of the butterfly knife when it is closed.
    • This is the blade’s sharp side. It is important to keep this in mind when you practice your tricks. You will need to perform the trick even with tape covering the blade.

How to Make a Basic Butterfly Knife

    • All other Butterfly Knife tricks are built on the basic “open/close flip” principle.
    • . There are many ways to perform a Butterfly Knife Flip. You can search the internet for other techniques.
    • It is simple to master a basic “partial-open flip”. This flip is called “partial” as it begins with the Butterfly Knife open half-open rather than fully closed.

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    • Keep one hand on the handle and your thumb between your fingers. Now, you can move your thumb away from the other handle. The other handle is now loosely vertical.
    • Use a smooth motion and confidence to quickly lift your hand up. The Butterfly Knife’s hanging handle will move up sharply as a result.
    • Once the handle is hanging above the horizon and is moving up steadily, jerk it again (your second jerk will be less powerful than the first) to position the second handle.
    • This second handle should be in the reverse position it began — straight up.

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    • When the second handle has become vertical, jerk your hands downwards and let the Butterfly Knife’s handle fall between your fingers. The Butterfly Knife will be fully open when you hold it in your hands.