Ever wonder what goes into car or building construction? Although there are many components to a building or car, there is a plan, design and most likely someone behind the screen. Computer-aided design and drafting, also known as CADD, allows you to design and draw physical components and layout processes. Because it gives precise instructions on how things should look, it’s an essential part of many industries including engineering and architecture.

Computer Aided Design: Benefits

Before computers and the internet, designers and drafters had to draw blueprints by hand. It was difficult to collaborate or edit a design. You can now create 2D and 3-D designs using computer software like Autodesk Revit or Revit. With CADD software, you can create lines and shapes, edit and copy content, and calculate exact dimensions. Your designs can be saved and duplicated, sent to a 3D printer, or shared with others through the cloud.

Computer-aided design is efficient and saves money. CADD allows you to make all changes (and errors) in the design phase. CADD allows you to accurately estimate the materials and manufacturing times, so that your budget doesn’t go stale.

What is Computer-Aided Design?

Computer-aided designing is used in many industries, including engineering and architecture. These industries require drafters who are able to take their ideas and turn them into computer-aided designs. What are they using computer-aided design for?

Architecture: Floor plans and blueprints are created using computer-aided design. These drawings show exact dimensions of how each room and building should be constructed. These drawings also provide instructions for electrical wiring and plumbing. These can be used to help you visualize how a building will look once it is complete.

Engineering: Computer-aided design is widely used in engineering. Civil engineers can use it to design roads and bridges. It can be used to design parts for a car or aircraft. Computer-aided design is also used by electrical engineers to create more efficient electrical systems.

Computer-aided design is also used in other industries. Floor plans are used by interior designers to visualize how a room might be decorated or designed. CADD can be used by urban planners to map out plots of land and determine how they should develop or be landscaped. Artists can use CADD to draw or sketch out their sculptures before they begin to mold clay.

Computer-aided designing touches so many areas of our daily lives, it is difficult to measure. CADD was used to design your phone and make the car you drive. Think of a modern-day device that can fit in this world. Then, think about CADD. A career in drafting may suit you if you enjoy technology and are looking for a career with impact.

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