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Nothing is as fulfilling as remodeling your bathroom to match a sophisticated one you saw in a hotel room or simply improve its functionality. A beautiful bathroom makes you feel calm, composed, and vibrant. There is a wide range of ideas on the internet and in magazines to replicate when remodeling your bathroom, but ensuring the project meets your goals is the most important thing. That said, here are four critical things to think about when you decide to remodel your bathroom.


You cannot start a remodeling project without a budget because you are more likely to overspend. Since you are investing in your bathroom, start by creating a budget of how much you want to spend. It also makes it simpler for your contractor to outsource labor and materials. Your bathroom remodel cost depends on the design you want and the materials you want to use. If you would like to use high-end materials, you need to have a bigger budget.

Bathroom design

After creating a budget, you can now go ahead and choose the type of bathroom that aligns with your budget. Bathrooms come in a wide range of layouts, designs, and sizes. You can engage the help of an experienced interior designer to identify the bathroom design that aligns with your needs. Some of the popular choices are:

  • A standard bathroom has a shower/bath, toilet, and sink. Some older homes have one family bathroom that all the members have to share, but you can remodel your home to add a master suite.
  • A half bath, also known as a powder room, is a small space with a sink and a toilet.
  • A wet bath is a full bathroom whereby a shower door or curtain does not enclose the shower.

Bathroom layout

The bathroom layout you choose should be informed by the amount of space you are working on and its shape since you can employ various bathroom layouts. If you like how your current bathroom layout looks regarding the positioning of the toilet, shower/bathtub, and sink, you can still work out the exact design, which saves you from rearranging the plumbing system. If you don’t like the existing layout, you can rearrange it but keep in mind that the costs may be higher because you have to reroute the plumbing works. If you have a bigger space, the easier it is to design it.

Think about lighting

Do you want to go with natural or artificial lighting? This is something you need to think about before laying out the design. Bathroom lighting can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. If your bathroom has more windows, try to take advantage of the natural lighting by putting up the mirror in a position where you will face the window when using it. If your bathroom is darker, use more artificial lighting to brighten everything for a more sophisticated look.

the final words

Incorporate a touch of luxury if you want your bathroom to have a sophisticated look. Also, avoid cheap bathroom materials because your bathroom is more susceptible to moisture.

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