Here are some tips for choosing outdoor furniture


If you are looking for an elegant update to your outdoor furniture, these tips will help. You need to ensure that your garden tables and chairs are functionally appropriate. It can be difficult to decide which style is right for you, with so many options. We’re here for you. Wicker Warehouse proudly presents a full line of Wicker Furniture. It features our exclusive designs, made in partnership factories. We also represent top American brands like Lane Venture, Designer Wicker or South Sea Rattan. Our own furniture design and partnership factories are a big advantage. We have the knowledge and connections to many of the international furniture producers. We are experts in identifying quality products and those that don’t. Many websites sell wicker. Even the biggest names don’t sell wicker furniture. We specialize exclusively in Wicker Dining Chairs. You can count on quality products from our company.

You’ll be happy to know that our garden furniture ideas go beyond the simple outdoor bench. You can now find comfortable corner sofas, beautiful daybeds, swinging eggs chairs, and even coffee tables that double up as fire pits. There’s a garden seating design that suits your needs no matter what your budget, space or style.

Select a style that suits your theme

Plastic is another option for modern styling. It might sound odd, but it is possible. You can find tons of new styles in bold colors and sculptural shapes that will add an extra dimension to your space. Many designs are made from recycled materials which makes them more eco-friendly.

Metal is another option and one of the most versatile. The LOFA team says that metal can be either traditional or modern, with intricate wrought iron. They add that metal can be integrated into any kind of garden from a country cottage to a rooftop terrace. It can be powder-coated to make it more durable, or you can paint it with a color.


When choosing outdoor furniture, another important tip is to think about how much maintenance it will need.

LOFA’s team says plastic has the same durability and weatherproof properties as natural materials. Plastic is also light and easy to clean. A quick wash with soapy water will usually suffice to make it look like new. It is easy to clean synthetic rattan (just be gentler with some designs to prevent damage to the weave). You can easily clean spills from tables with wipe-clean glass tops.


It is always a good idea to keep eco-friendly tips in mind when choosing outdoor furniture.

Consider where your wood came from if you are considering buying wood. All LOFA members provide products made from FSC Certified wood sourced from managed forests. All their wood furniture is therefore sustainable and recyclable. Metal can also be recycled.

The LOFA team suggests that furniture made from recycled plastics or marine debris is an alternative option. If you are concerned about plastic pollution in the oceans and want to do your part to save the planet, recycled plastic is a good option.


You will want to ensure that your outdoor furniture is the right size for your space when you choose it.

Experts recommend that outdoor tables be extended by one metre, in addition to the table’s dimensions, to allow for chairs to be removed safely and comfortably.

Experts say that a round table is more practical in a small space, such as a balcony or garden. You can also consider folding away options. For smaller spaces, the best bistro sets or collapsible tray tables are great options.


We recommend that you consider how heavy the furniture is if you want to have garden furniture that is versatile. You can move lightweight tables and chairs around if you need to – to entertain guests or chase the evening sunlight.


Outdoor furniture can also be influenced by color. Its placement in space can change dramatically. Neutral tones are a good choice if you want to compliment your plot. LOFA experts recommend that soothing colors such as browns, greys, and muted tones blend well into outdoor spaces.