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You can Challenge yourself to Complete this Third Space Formula 3 Fitness Workout

Third Space is a leader in Formula 3 fitness classes. We are always eager to see what Third Space has in store for us.

Formula 3 Fitness, the newest flagship class, launches at Third Space City’s club. It sounds difficult to say the least.

Luke Barnsley, a trainer at Third Space London, says that Formula 3 fitness is a triple header effort. “Rowing, kettlebells, and bodyweight work are all hard, but yield great results. Each block is broken down into three sections in a Formula 3 class.

Barnsley has been invited to give a taster workout that is reminiscent of Formula 3 training. Although this workout is only two blocks long, it’s much more challenging than the three in Third Space. However, once you’ve completed Nike Windbreaker the first block, you’ll be more than happy not to have to do the final one in the full class.


Barnsley says, “First ensure you have enough space for the equipment and the equipment necessary.” You will need a rower, kettlebells, and space to do the exercises. It is best to have it close by the rower. You can choose from a variety of weights for the kettlebells.

A visible timer is also an excellent idea. Get your smartphone out and use it to download a timer app that will allow you to see how long you’ve left in each block.

Warm Up

Barnsley says that all Formula 3 fitness classes start with five to seven minutes mobility work. In class, we use the phrase “Mobilise, then terroristise”. You can extend the time if you are working alone to 10 minutes. However, don’t forget to keep the quality high. Don’t scroll through Instagram while on a foam roller.

Focus on the thoracic rotation drills for a tighter back, and Spider-Man stretches for a looser hip. After this section, your body will feel warm, relaxed and energized.

Block 1

Barnsley says that each block is 4 minutes long with 90 seconds between sections. For advanced athletes, the rest should be reduced to 60 seconds.

Section on Rowing

  • Time 30sec Rest 30 sec
  • Barnsley says, “Sprint for 30 seconds, then stop for 30 seconds.” “Ensure that sprints are intense efforts!”

Section Kettlebell

Barnsley says, “Work in an ascending ladder form with the kettlebells challenge yourself for four minutes.” Start with four high-quality reps for each exercise and then add two to each round. Try to complete as many reps as possible before the time runs out.

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