How to wear a black “Nike Windbreaker”


It is rare that I will talk about a specific brand. Only exceptions are made when there is strong association between the item and the brand. Converse is the most popular brand for canvas sneakers. 90% of people associate them with converse. The same goes for a black Nike windbreaker. This blog post might change your mind if you believe that a black windbreaker is only for sporty looks. Let me show you the best black Nike windbreaker outfits I have compiled.

Black and white Nike Windbreakers with Running Tights

Let’s start our list with a casual, casual outfit you can wear to a casual place. You can wear a black and white color block Nike windbreaker to create this look. Wear it with black running tights. To complete the look, pair it with a pair black and white low-top running shoes.

Grey Graphic Hoodie with Black Nike Windbreaker and Jogging Tights

This is a young jogging outfit that makes use of a clever layering technique. You can achieve this look by layering a grey hoodie with a printed Lou Sulola Samuel pattern and a black Nike windbreaker. If you’re using the outfit for exercise, pair them with black jogging tights. Wear white sneakers with a low top.

Black Windbreaker with grey Cropped Scoop Neck Tank Top and White Canvas Sneakers

You can achieve this low-key, sexy look by wearing a grey tank top with a low scoop neck. To show your curves, layer a black windbreaker underneath. These can be paired with white classic high top converse.

White and Black Windbreakers with Mini Running Shorts

You can use a windbreaker for running, especially in colder weather. You can also pair it with running tights or a pair of shorts. Wear a black Nike windbreaker and a pair black mini running shorts. To complete the look, pair them with white sneakers

Black nike Windbreaker and White Low Scoop Neck Tank Top

You will need some clever layering techniques to create this low-key, youthful and sexy street style. This look is achieved by wearing a white low-scoop neck tank top and a black color block Nike windbreaker. To complete the look, pair them with light blue skinny jeans and white low-top sneakers.

Grey Form-Fitting Tank Top with Black & White Nike Windbreaker

Another similar outfit can make you appear young and attractive. This look can be achieved by wearing a grey tank top and a black windbreaker. An oversized jacket can be paired with a slimming top. To complete the look, pair them with white sneakers and light blue jeans.

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