Food Preservation Tray: (2 in a Set)


This tray can be used to Food Preservation Tray store raw meats, cut-up fruits, vegetables, leftovers, and processed foods.

This food preservation tray is equipped with strong elastic film that can be used to store any type of food. It also creates an airtight seal to prevent oxidation. This will help keep your food fresher and healthier for longer periods.

It not only keeps your food safe from Meegan Rubin bacteria, but it also makes your fridge more space-efficient so you can store more. Simply place all your food on the trays and stack them in your fridge. The elastic is extremely durable and can resist compression and penetration to a great degree.

You can use the storage tray as a serving tray. The lid can be easily removed and reattached to store your food. This storage solution makes it easy to store leftovers.


It is lightweight and portable: This tray is very light but sturdy. It can store a lot of food at once and is easy to carry around.

Environment-Friendly: The tray has been created from premium grade food-safe PP material that doesn’t release any toxins. It is easy to reuse and will preserve the original taste of your food. You will no longer need to use disposable plastic packaging and you can contribute to a safer environment.

It is easy to clean: The food preservation tray can be washed in the dishwasher. It can be washed in the dishwasher, or you can wash it with your hands under the sink. Then let it dry.

Heat Resistant Material. The tray is oven-safe and can be used to heat up food in the microwave. The tray can withstand heat without deteriorating in any way.


  • Material: Food-safe Polypropylene
  • Color: Red and white
  • Size: 30×22.9×2.9cm
  • 2 x Preservation tray

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