Top Benefits of Car Transport


You can reap the benefits of hiring a car transport company. It is easy and painless. Most car movers are professional and highly skilled individuals who have years of experience in car shipping. They will take care of everything related to your vehicle transfer. Long Distance Towing is a trustworthy car transport business in the United States. We take great care to take care of all aspects of your vehicle shipping needs. We will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction, starting from the moment we offer you a price until the moment your car arrives at the final destination. If you’re looking to ship your vehicle or truck, van boat, motorcycle or RV, auto transport companies in new york can offer transportation services for any location in the United States and to 99 percent of the world. Car shipping is our business and we aim to please so we make sure to select our copart auto transport carriers.

You Can Focus On Important Tasks

You can rest assured that you will be safe when you hire an auto transport company. Instead of worrying about driving your car to distant destinations, you can concentrate on other tasks. They will assign the best carrier to you. Your company team will continue to assist you throughout the process, minimizing paperwork and saving you time and effort.

Get the Shipper to Plan for You

It seems fantastic to take a car on long distance trips. It’s easy to think of places you could stop, take photos, and just enjoy the ride. Long-distance driving can bring along some anxiety.

You should think about all the road trip problems like traffic jams, limited hotel availability, gas prices, and finding good food options. Worst, what happens if you get stuck somewhere?

A shipping company will help alleviate all of these worries and make it easy to ship your car to its new destination. Learn more about why shipping a car is better than driving your own car.

It saves time

We are all rushed in life, so instead of driving long distances for hours on end, or even days at a time, let a vehicle transporter do the work.

It is very easy to hire a company that will ship your car to you. It is as simple as choosing a date and we will take it from there. Next, the shipper company will set a delivery date for the car. Relax and do something else while you wait.

You’ll drive less on your car

Driving long distances can cause damage to the vehicle and add miles to the odometer. It can also lead to costly maintenance that will lower the car’s resale price. It is wise to choose a car shipping company over driving. There are no extra miles, headaches or trips to expensive car mechanics.

It’s safe for you and your family

You can become very tired sitting in the driver’s chair for long periods of time. This can lead to backache, fatigue, and other issues that can ruin the enjoyment of getting there. There are always potential dangers when driving; bad weather, accidents, roadblocks, and so on.

This is not a situation you want for your family or yourself. The shipper company will take care of this. This is safer for you, your family and friends. It will bring you peace of mind.

It saves money

It might seem expensive to hire a shipping company for your car. This is false. It is not true. If you use simple napkin math to calculate how much you spend on hotel stays, food on-the-road, and gas, it will be comparable or even more expensive than a transport company.

You will actually save more money if you spend your time doing something other than sitting behind the wheel for hours.

It saves you money on insurance

The number of miles you drive each calendar year will affect the cost of your car insurance. Your premium may rise if you drive longer distances each year. Even a minor accident on the road can increase your premium. All these factors are eliminated when your car is shipped. This does not change your existing car insurance rates.

Any reputable car transport company will offer insurance coverage so that you don’t have to use your existing policy. To make sure that there is no damage to your vehicle, the truck drivers will inspect it before and after delivery. It will cost you nothing if it is, which is a huge plus!

Door-to-Door Hassle-Free Shipping

It is amazing to have your vehicle picked up and delivered right where you want. Truck drivers drive as close to you as possible, pick up your car, and drop it off at your destination in a similar manner. This is almost always your doorstep. That is why it is sometimes called “door to door auto shipping”.

Trust and Skill

The best car transport companies only hire drivers with extensive experience in car shipping. They have a background check and many years of experience in the car shipping industry. They are well-versed in their field and will ensure that your car arrives at the destination on time.

Multiply your vehicles in one batch

Car transportation services have many benefits. Most shippers book multiple cars at once, which reduces the shipping costs by spreading the cost across all of the cars being shipped. You will be paying more for nights, food, and transportation fees if you rent a car or hire a Drive Away service.