Tips for AC Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning

Many homeowners will depend heavily on their AC units to keep their homes cool and comfortable as the summer heat arrives. AC units can be put under increased stress during the hottest months. This can lead to problems if they are not maintained properly. It is crucial to pay attention to your AC system and take proactive steps to repair it. is a fantastic aircon servicing firm based in Singapore that specializes providing air Conditioning maintenance and Aircon Installations in Singapore that covers all kinds of air conditioning units.

You may be able solve the problem by yourself if you have cooling problems in your home. We offer some suggestions for diagnosing the problem.

Your unit won’t turn on

Do not panic if your unit does not turn on. It may be an easy fix. Check and replace the thermostat batteries. You may also need to reset the circuit breaker. Reset your circuit breaker once you have checked it.

Make sure your thermostat is set for cooling (not heating). Set the thermostat to the lowest temperature in the room.

Cool air is not being blown by your unit

Cool air is vital during the hottest months. A dirty filter could be the reason your AC unit stops blowing cool air. It is easy to fix. It is easy to change your air filter every month. This will prevent dirt and debris blocking your condenser unit.

The AC unit is much louder than usual

A few things can cause an air conditioner to make loud sounds. You should seek professional help if you hear rattling, banging, or thumping.

However, a hissing sound is a sign of a refrigerant problem. You or your contractor will need the small crack or hole to be identified. It is better to hire a professional to locate the leak and repair it more quickly.

Your energy bill is excessive

If your energy bills are higher than usual, you can go outside and inspect your air conditioner unit. Are the filters dirty? Small branches and sticks can cause the unit to work harder than it should, which can lead to higher energy bills. It is a great time to inspect your air vents. You should take the time to inspect your home and check for obstructions such as rugs or furniture.

It will save you money to clean the outside of your unit and keep you from calling a contractor to fix or do a deep cleaning.

It is possible that you have tried several troubleshooting methods and still it is not working.

If the DIY suggestions have not worked, it is time to call an expert. An expert contractor can diagnose any issues and recommend repairs.