Have fun with “Thejigsawpuzzles”?


Many people consider thejigsawpuzzles as a Christmas tradition, just like turkey and crackers. Posh Puzzles has taken care of your Thejigsawpuzzles so we thought we’d write a blog post highlighting some of our favorite family games to enjoy this holiday season.

Thejigsawpuzzles Charades is the most popular game for post-turkey. It is a game where players must guess which book/film/song they are thinking of. It can be adapted to fit any number of players and is suitable for children as well as adults. Children love learning all the actions that make up the rule. For example, if the title of a book is the title of a movie, pretend you are opening a movie; for film, pretend that you are winding the handle on an old film camera; and for song, pretend to sing. It’s then a matter of holding the correct number and words of the title in your fingers. If you want others to guess a rhyme, you can pull your earlobe so that it sounds similar to the word you are trying to mimic. The person who correctly guesses a title is the winner. Next, it’s their turn to mime. This can lead to turkey sandwiches or film time if you take care.

Who Am I? is an alternative game that can be played at the table, if everyone is too full. Each player will write the name of a famous character or person on a Post-it note, and stick it to another player’s forehead. Each player can ask yes/no questions to guess the name on their forehead by going around in circles. Each player can continue asking questions until they get a negative answer. Then it’s their turn to ask the next person. The winner is the person who correctly guesses the name on their forehead.

The family will love Mystery Stocking. Simply grab a Christmas stocking, place an item in it, and then have the person touch the fabric to guess what it is. They get the item if they correctly guess. You can keep going for hours.

Name That Christmas song is a great choice for musical families. It’s also a fun way to entertain a group of people who aren’t able to carry a tune in their hands. You can simply ‘la’ your favorite Christmas song, and the person with the correct answer has their turn. You can have a bit more heated competition by splitting the group into two. Points can be kept and the winners will be the ones who correctly guess the most songs.

Santa Says is Simon Says, but with a different name. One person stands in front of the group and says: “Santa says …’ plus an additional action, e.g. “Touch your nose!” Once everyone is comfortable, you can drop the words “Santa said…” and anyone Thejigsawpuzzles still doing the action is out. It’s more than you think, and it’s great for children.

The classic Kim’s Game is finally here. Although it takes a little more time to prepare, you may find yourself moving around a lot by now. Cover a tray with random items and place them on a tea towel. Cover the tray with tea towel for a few seconds and then reveal it to the players. It can be taken out of your sight. Take one or two, or all three! Then, take it out of sight and remove one (or two or three!) objects. You earn points if you can remember which object is missing. The person who has the most points wins.

If you have completed all of them by Christmas Day, you are eligible for our admiration and congratulations. You can also enjoy an additional Quality Street while you work on your Posh Puzzle. Everyone, Merry Christmas!

As the year turns from Succulent Summer to Autumn, the usual switch to sandals has been made to boots this week. The temperature has dropped 8 degrees after a warm September. Heating is being used, thicker pajamas are being pulled out, and evenings are getting darker earlier. As the days get shorter, thoughts turn to Christmas and the bright lights of Christmas are visible.

Posh Puzzles is excited about the opportunity to make our first run-up for the big day. Over the next few months we will be busy putting beautiful jigsaws in their luxury sustainable packaging before sending them out.

Posh Puzzles are a great addition to any home. They can be used over and over again, making them a truly stylish addition to any interior.

We recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment. Santa couldn’t spare enough elves to help us. We are happy to assist.

Jigsaw puzzles date back to mid-18th century. John Spilsbury, an English cartographer and engraver, created the first map of the world on hardwood. He then cut along each country’s borders to make a teaching aid. The original name was ‘dissected map’ and then ‘dissected Puzzles’. The term ‘jigsaws’ refers to the tool that is used to cut the shapes of a puzzle. However, there has been much debate about whether this type is actually a fretsaw.

Jigsaws were soon made for adults and the craze grew. The 1920s saw jigsaws used by businesses to promote their products. However, it wasn’t until 1930 that the idea of the image on the box lid being used as a guide for the puzzler was born. After World War II, jigsaws were more often made from cardboard. We know of very few jigsaws made from metal in the past. Posh Puzzles is delighted to fill that gap in the market by offering polished metals Thejigsawpuzzles in stainless steel, brass, and hallmarked sterling silver.