The Japanese Zodiac – The Most Accurate and Safest Horoscope


What symbol is your sign in the Japanese Zodiac?

  • Empress (November 19-December 26)

They are beautiful, chic and have a great outfit. They don’t like being alone and they are constantly in the centre of attention. They are smart, strong and love music, parties, and socializing. An Empress’ husband cannot be a normal person. He must be different, respect her, and even equal her.

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  • Moon (December 27-January 18)

You are like the star named after your zodiac sign. When you propose something, you are mysterious and attractive. You are creative, intuitive and intelligent. Even in the most difficult situations, you will always find a way out. Only love can drive you insane, make you feel lost and helpless. You can move quickly from one place to the next, you are impulsive or melancholy, and this instability causes headaches for those around you.

  • Turtle (January 19-February 14).

The turtle, an ancient symbol of wisdom and gentleness, is known for its willingness to sacrifice. You are a sign of perseverance and caution. Once you have made a decision, you won’t be able to change your mind. You are a friend who is loyal and involved emotionally, but you don’t look back when you’re hurt or your principles are violated.

  • Cherry blossoms (February 15-March 20)

The cherry blossom, like the snowdrop native to Japan, is a symbol for tenderness, sensitivity and beauty. It is associated with love but also vulnerability. It is a way to live fully, with enthusiasm and every moment. In love, you are completely yourself and show your partner a lot affection. Your kindness can bring you joy, but also pain.

  • The Sun (March 21-April 29)

This sign is the perfect symbol for perfection. They are brave, strong, organized, confident, and orderly. You don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. You are positive and optimistic, which is why luck tends to stay with you. While you love with passion and madness, extreme jealousy can lead to the death of your beloved one.

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  • Bamboo (April 30 – June 4)

Although you may appear strong and sturdy, you are sensitive to the feelings of others. You can be too dependent on others and end up disappointed. You are flexible to change, and you will persevere after defeat. Your greatest challenge is to free yourself from the emotional chains that rob you of your freedom.

  • Buffalo (June 5, – July 6,)

The most important thing to you is your family. Without them, you won’t be able to see your purpose in life. Although you can be aggressive and irascible at times, you love conflict and will compromise if necessary to restore harmony within the couple or with close friends. You are loyal, dedicated and resolute. You strive to find the comfort you need and treat yourself well.

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  • Lotus flower (July 7, – August 1)

The beautiful lotus flower can beautify the most difficult and miserable places, just like you can float with dignity over all the injustices and evils in your life. You are a beautiful, sincere and pure being. You can stand out from the crowd and keep your head up, even when others are against you. Love is the only thing that can mobilize you more than love. For it, you must fight until the white canvases are covered!

  • The bridge (August 2, – August 27,)

Your defining characteristics are stability and responsibility. You are a confident person who expresses yourself with a natural ease. Your balance is also transmitted to others. This makes it easy to resolve conflicts and extinguish them. The danger in love is that you will be too passionate and it will end up being a short-term affair.

  • Garden stone (August 28 – October 10)

The stone is a symbol of Japanese culture and a highly valued element of decoration. You are admired by those around you. They appreciate you. Although you may appear distant and cold, your confidence is difficult to build. However, your loved ones know that they can count upon you in all situations. You are known for your seriousness and stability in love. Your goal is to find your soulmate and stay together until the end.

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  • The Emperor (October 11-November 18)

You are a natural leader and can impose your will on others while being respected. You are extremely proud of your professional and social status. No one will ever be able to trust you if you reach a leadership position. You are very protective of your loved ones when you love them. Your desires are more important than you think, and selfishness can cause harm to those around you.