How to choose the right height bar stool


Take the first step

Before you begin looking for Rattan Swivel Counter Stools, kitchen bar stools, or bar stools to replace your existing counter stools, measure the height of the counter or bar you intend to use. Measure from the floor to the top counter.

Standard heights are the norm for most bars and counters. Standard kitchen countertops are 36 inches tall, while standard residential bars measure 42 inches. These heights are standard for both standard counter stools as well as standard bar stools. Actual counters and bars may be several inches higher or lower, so make sure to measure.

Bar Stool Dimensions

There are four sizes that most barstools can be found in: the standard, tall, short, and counter stool. Below are the most common sizes. Measure your bar to determine which size will best suit your space.

What is the best time to use a counter stool? It’s not possible to interchange them, so it’s great question! Bar tops measure 40-42 inches high, while countertops are 36-39 inches high. The seat of your stool should be between 9-13 inches and the countertop’s underside. This means that counter stools should measure from floor to floor 24 to 26 inches, and bar stools 28 to 30 inches.

There is no guarantee, so measure your countertops before you shop! There are many options available for adjustable stools. If you love a bar stool, you might be able to use it as a counter stool.

Now that you have an idea of how high your stools should stand, you can start to consider the style and design you want. Your stools do not have to match your decor perfectly, but they may look strangely out of place if they don’t match at least the style you have chosen for your space.


The decor you already have will influence the material of your stool. Consider a thick wooden base if your kitchen has a farmhouse-style layout. Modern styles can be achieved with sleek metals. Rattan and wicker are great options for a So-Cal style. Acrylic is also a good choice for an open-plan, Cali-inspired space. They are almost invisibility and can be easily incorporated into the clean design.

  • The height of a short stool is 22″-23″
  • Counter stool height: 24″-28″.
  • Standard Bar Stool Height: 29-36 inches
  • Extra-Tall Bar Stool Height 37-40 inches

Bar stool features

You now know how many bars stools you will need and their height, it’s time to start the fun part: choosing the style.

The backs of stool stools can vary and have a significant impact on how they look and feel.

No back: Although you can slide backless stools underneath the counter, they are less comfortable for prolonged sitting.

Support your back with a lip: Your lip can be as low as the lip or as high up as the mid-back.

Fullback: They are comfortable for long periods of sitting.

The presence of arms, the back padding, the padded seat, or the ability to swivel the stool can all influence the stool’s style.

Design Options

Consider the overall theme of your design and where the stools will go. Then decide if you want to match it or not. Popular decor styles include:

Modern/Contemporary: For comfort, look for metal elements, low- to mid-height backs, and padding

Traditional: These stools are usually made from wood. Backless stools with padding are a good choice if they are for a bar. A good option for a counter is a stool with fullbacks or arms.

Industrial: These stools are made from industrial materials like metal, plastic and have swivel chairs.

Transitional/Casual: These stool are often backless or have a lip back. These stools have minimal padding and a minimalist look. This is an excellent choice for small spaces, where the counter can also double as a breakfast bar.

Bar stool shopping is easy when you have the right measurements and an idea of the style that you desire for your space.