How To Spot A Fashion Micro Trend


It’s fun to follow fashion trends sometimes, particularly those that suit your body type. Trendy clothes spice up otherwise basic, and sometimes boring, outfits. The addition of a trendy garment to your closet can broaden your choices and help you get a fresh take on combining the various clothes you already own in new and exciting ways. Deciding to follow a fashion trend can be a positive thing but there is something regarding fashion trends that you need to be wary of. Within the broad group of trends, there is a type of trend known as the ‘micro trend’ and this is the sort of trend that you need to be wary of adopting.

A micro trend is a ‘mini’ trend or a trend within a trend. It is usually short-lived, often no more than a season at the most and so is not worth investing in. In fact, you should try to spend as little cash as you can on this type of trend because of its brief lifespan in the fashion cycle. They can sometimes be confused with major trends because popular women’s magazines may include them alongside major trends in their fashion editorials. So how do you spot a mini trend given that the fashion editorials don’t always identify them as such?

Micro trends are quirky and strange. If you think wearing a particular trend might make you look a) like you have a job in the circus, b) you raided your little sister’s closet or c) just plain idiotic; chances are you are looking at a mini trend. A micro trend is when a basic jacket is covered in sequins, or a handbag is shaped like a plush toy dinosaur. Fluorescent lime green nail gloss and bubblegum-hued lipstick are mini trends. Wearing socks with killer heels is also a micro trend as is dying your hair grey when you’re not old.

Celebrities and fashion models tend to try micro trends on for size and might lead you to believe they are wearing the next ‘big thing’ because they are often trend-setters but don’t try to emulate them just yet. Look in the middle range fashion stores, you know, the ones that aren’t high-end boutiques but that aren’t the cheapest either. You probably won’t find any weird looks here as these stores can’t afford to stock one-trick ponies, and then there’s the taste factor, of course. Micro trends don’t usually clock in at a high level of taste, and if these stores aren’t stocking what your favourite celebrity is wearing, then it’s probably a micro trend. Looking quirky and eccentric is one thing but when it’s over the top while the rest of the outfit isn’t, or screams “Look at me”, then it is leaning towards micro trend territory.

If you do decide to wear a micro trend then make sure it carries a really cheap price tag because you’ll probably only be able to wear this kind of stuff at parties or to go trick-or-treating in.


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