Garys Plumbing’s Top 5 Tips to a Healthy Home this Fall

Home Improvement

It’s important to make sure your home is ready to welcome you into the cooler, wetter seasons.

You can save money and keep your home safe by regularly inspecting and maintaining the Garys Plumbing, heating, and air quality equipment in your home. Garys Plumbing Healthy Home Maintenance Program has many great options to help maintain a healthy environment. Mary Gibb, coowner of Gary’s, also offers excellent tips.

1: Be ahead of the curve…and the leaks

It’s easy to schedule a Gary’s technician for your home to inspect your plumbing system. It can be difficult to fix a major leak. That’s why Garys Plumbing is recommended. Gary’s Plumbing will inspect your plumbing for leaks and perform a water pressure test.

A tech will find a leak quickly before it turns into a major problem. This will give you peace of mind, no matter how much rain or freezing temperatures are outside. Gibb states that having a tech visit your home can help you build a relationship with them. They can offer more useful advice and recommendations once they have seen your heating and plumbing setups.

In the event that something goes wrong, the technician may have a better understanding of what to do. Gibb states that Gary’s technicians don’t want to see your house for the first time during an emergency.

She says, “Why not think ahead?” “Maintenance is just as important as an oil change for your equipment.”

2: Clean the air

It’s a good idea after a summer of poor air quality outdoors to inspect the indoor air quality. Air filters from your furnace or heat pump should be changed or cleaned at least once every six months.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor environments can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. This means that home filtration systems can provide first-line protection. You can breathe easier and save money by replacing or upgrading your filters.

The “Air Scrubber” is a device that can be installed to your HVAC system. This unit will improve air quality. The high-quality filter removes any airborne particles and cleans the air. This technology is used by NASA to clean their international space station. Gibb claims she is very happy with her air scrubber.

3: Flush it out

Garys Plumbing can stress your home’s tanks and pumps, so now is the time to have them inspected.

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