Four Eye-Catching Looks You Should Fall For


Winter is around the corner; people will be spending more time indoors to shelter from the cool weather, but you can still get out in the winter sun. In order to look good and fresh, you might want to look at these four stylish sunglasses that can change your appearance.

By wearing protective as well as cool sunglasses, you can stand out in the crowd as well as protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays such as cataracts. SmartBuyGlasses have also created technology called zFORT™ that acts as a filter on glasses to block out the blue light emitted from digital screens.

You must be wondering what accessories you could go for during this cool weather. Don’t worry! We have listed down four amazing and affordable sunglasses you can wear this autumn. Keep in mind that the sunglasses you buy look best with the shape of your face, your skin tone as well as your personal style. Furthermore, the sunglasses you buy will reflect your personality.

Due to the changes in weather, the intensity of the sun has increased. Therefore, you should consider buying Transition lenses for your eyes. Transition lenses are coated with photochromic molecules that adapt to the changes in light accordingly and protects your eyes.

This article features a few of the most exquisite, sophisticated and popular frames available at SmartBuyGlasses. You should check out their collection of glasses by visiting their online store.

1.     Oakley OX5141 DEADBOLT 514103:

These sunglasses are perfect for sports people due to its gravity-defying look. Furthermore, round glasses look good with people that have rectangular face shape or square face shape. In addition to that, Oakley specs offer lightweight and durable sunglasses along with titanium’s corrosion resistant frames which are perfect for rainy days.

2.     SmartBuy Collection Coby Blue-Light Block A85D:

As the name suggests, the Coby Blue-Light sunglasses feature transparent frames which go well with all the colors and skin tone. The frames also have a blue light coating that blocks harmful effects of blue light glasses to keep your eyes safe. Apart from that, the blue light coating prevents headaches, eye strain, and difficulty falling asleep.

3.     Hawkers Rush hour Ocean HRUS20WLM0:

These are pilot-shaped sunglasses designed by Hawkers. The design is sleek and looks perfect with every face shape and skin tone. It also has a frame-in-frame optical illusion due to the pilot shape frames.

This style came out recently on the market and is a must-have accessory for this summer. The lens provides protection from UV rays, perfect for wearing outdoors.

4.     Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Polarized 990/58

In order to select the perfect sunglasses for yourself, you need to wear it before buying. So, for that, SmartBuyGlasses offers a Virtual Try-On Tool that lets you visualize how you might look in those sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster has been popular since the 1950’s and their lens is coated with polarizing light that protects the eyes from glare.

5.     Arise Collective X WWF Reef Cycle Grey

These sunglasses were built to raise awareness for marine animals. Buying reef cycle grey sunglasses will help save the lives of marine animals in the Reef by turning the harmful ocean fishing nets into sunglasses. They have collaborated with WWF and released a huge number of sustainable glasses to raise awareness.

SmartBuyGlasses come up with new deals throughout the year. Gear yourself up with a fresh new look by shopping here. After all, they offer a 2-year warranty and include free shipping. Check out their collection of 80,000 plus sunglasses from 180 leading brands today.

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