6 Thoughtful Presents to Gift to Loved Ones on Occasions


With this new year, people started looking at the calendars knowing what’s next in the list of festivals. Coming near Holi we know the celebration is on its way. But after we missed a lot of occasions last year the memory has kind of gotten blurry. Refreshing what all is yet to come in 2021 and how you can celebrate it by gifting your loved ones precious gifts that mean not just rituals but also something meaningful that you have thought of with all your heart. No matter the occasions presents are always a thing to go for and had the choice been left on elders it would always be sweets and fruits. Although you can make the celebration better and even your parents would love it when you would show them how thoughtful presents can be and at such affordable prices. Today we will introduce you to how you can make your present game up.

  • Plants

The first thing you should always do for gifting people on occasions like Rakhi, Holi and Diwali, the auspicious festivals are plants. You can buy lucky bamboo to give luck to your loved ones and to express to them your honest feelings. Feng Shui plants and bonsai, please lily and money plants are also some options that you can go for because they look great indoors and just rock the outside if placed on the balcony.

  • Dream Catcher

This may not look like the most traditional gift but that is what makes it so special. Giving something to a girl who is a teenager or to your girlfriend, a dream catcher is a great gift. It shows how much you care about their aspirations and give them all the luck to achieve them one day.

  • God Idols

God idols look great on festivals like Diwali and Rakhi, and Bhai dooj. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting it on every special day because there can never be enough of god’s blessing. Idols like Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati are very famous. LED idols are available these days too and which is why it has become a very popular choice of gifting.

  • Family Photo Frames

Going to your relative’s house on festivals with a bunch of fruits and a pack of sweets is great but not enough. Get a customised photo frame of their family picture that they can place in the drawing-room of the house and then look at it forever and know your love that is powered on it completely. You can get it made from any online and offline portal and carry it carefully you won’t want to subscribe to be a surprise for you too.

  • Customised Crockery

Crockery these days can be customised with your names, photos, and important dates aur quotes. Having mugs and cups and plates is not enough but a section of complete crockery all in your style is how you should go about this season. You can probably get an online portal that is willing to go the extra mile to make your dream come true.

  • Hamper of Customised Chocolates

Hampers of customised chocolates these days are certainly the best gift to offer. Shapes like ice creams, marshmallows, balls, pinata cakes and more have come into the league and have made the experience blissful. And under the colour of chocolate like brown you can even have milk chocolate, strawberry flavour, choco mocha, butterscotch chocolates and whatnot. Get their name and image printed on the box with these handmade chocolates. It will rock their world.

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